Foot massage (mint essential oil) 30′
Through a specific method of pressure at the appropriate points of the feet, the therapist restores the balance between body and spirit.

Back, Neck and Shoulders (lavender essential oil) 30′
It reduces the stress and the strain on the back, neck and shoulders. The almond oil helps in the total muscle relaxation.

Heavenly Head Massage (organic oil, shampoo) 30′
A delightful scalp massage with a combination of 5 different oils which releases tension relief from migraines and also helps in hair strengthening.

Aromatherapy (mix of essential oils) 50′
Essential Oils, especially selected, combined with a rhythmic, relaxing massage technique that relieves tension, restores the senses and offers absolute tranquility.

Deep Tissue (jasmine essential oil) 50′
Deep massage with specific pressure techniques, massage and mobilization that relieve muscle tension and stress.

Prenatal (almond oil without essentials) 40′
A specialized massage for pregnancy, for your comfort and well-being. This inspirational therapy connects mother and child with the strength of contact.

Melting Sensation – Candle Massage 50’
Lay back and unwind while the delicately scented warm drops touch your skin and envelop your whole body in a velvet textured massage that will satisfy even the most sophisticated massage recipient.

Facial Treatments

Aloe Vera After sun (aloe vera , avocado oil) 50′
After a glorious day under the sun, enjoy this soothing treatment that also combats the signs of stress and fatigue with the power of Aloe Vera and Avocado oil.

Hydration with Hyaluronic acid 50′
An intensive re-hydration facial therapy for dry and dehydrated skin. True source of hydration and rejuvenation that will nourish your face using the essence of active hyaluronic acid.

Vitamin C facial treatment (vitamin C, orange extract) 50′
This advanced treatment works to inhibit the action of glycation, one of the main causes of skin aging and is based on a stabilized form of Vitamin C combined with Orange Extract.

Body Treatments

Mediterranean After Sun (aloe vera, panthenol) 30′
A refreshing and energizing wrap containing Aloe Vera and Panthenol which is deeply regenerating and ideal as an after-sun treatment.

Mediterranean Olive (olive oil, olive leaf extract, vitamin E) 30′
Inspired by the Mediterranean land. A therapy that is a true enjoyment due to the aromas and textures of olive.

Marine Exfoliation (pearl & olive leaf extract) 30′
A refreshing body scrub with pearl and olive leaf extract that nourish, soften the skin. Increases the effectiveness of the following products.

Nail Treatments

Spa manicure (peel/massage/mask)
Spa pedicure (peel/massage/mask)

*Please notice that we operate appointments with minimum duration 50’.